Third Party Management

In January 2021, Sunrise Hospitality announced that they will begin soliciting third party management contracts.

Sunrise Hospitality has made it a priority to position itself as a tech-forward company. Over the past few years, Sunrise Hospitality has moved all of its accounting and management platforms to the cloud, utilizing all of the latest technology solutions to ensure the highest return to our investors and exceed the expectations of our guests.

Our award winning Management Team takes a laser focused approach on maximizing revenue and ensuring profitability without losing sight of our core principles: to operate spotlessly clean hotels that are comfortable, meticulously well maintained and manned by a smiling team with a hospitality heart.

The Sunrise corporate and property leadership teams ensure all assets, maximize resources and achieve phenomenal profitability. Sunrise benchmarks its hotels against one another as well as hotels operated by other companies and uses that data to continually improve our operating performance. Our key areas of focus include:

  • Improved brand and client relations through brand quality inspections, “Green” quality initiatives, and guest satisfaction index measuring service performance
  • Driving revenues through aggressive pricing management and direct local market sales
  • Open communication between all team members
  • Improved margins through economies of scale, levering technology, utilizing e-procurement software through Buy Efficient and well as daily management
  • Labor management through real-time reports and utilizing time management guidelines
  • Accurate and detailed monthly reporting
  • Growth of Human Capital through training and guidance

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