7 Steps to an Upgrade

Seven easy steps to improve your chances in getting an upgrade at a hotel on your next vacation moving you from the standard hotel room to the concierge floor or even a hotel suite.

1. Be Loyal– If the brand or hotel has a frequent stay program enroll and use it each time you make a reservation.
2. Communicate – If it’s a special occasion call the hotel and speak to the manager and let them know you have chosen their hotel to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary.
3. Make Mid-Tear Hotel Room Reservation – It is easier for a staff member to move one or two categories then it is for them to move you up by 4 or 5.
4. Check In Early – Remember the old adage the early bird gets the room. Be at the hotel before 5. Best time, as a rule, is 3:15pm to 5pm check your reservation for check in time and be a little early.
5. Be Nice– If the staff likes you they are more willing to upgrade you and if it does not happen this time it may next. Be an arrogant jerk and you should get that upgrade on or about the 12th…12th of NEVER that is.
6. Think TIP – The bell staff at larger hotels work for tips making somewhere between $2.15 and $5.00 per hour. You would be surprised how convincing that person can be when they are trying to take care of the big tipper in their life.
7. Book Through The Hotel – Travel agents and on line booking sites costs the hotel money. If you save them those commissions you’re in a stronger negating position.

Taking time out to be nice will pay off in the long run and could make your next hotel stay a great deal.